Our services are especially suited for state and community agencies and organizations, groups, school districts, schools, and corporations.  Each service is tailored specifically to the addressed audience and include:

  • Organizational Development
  • Teen and Adult Leadership Training
  • Alcohol and Drug Prevention
  • Meaningful Parent Involvement
  • Fatherhood Enhancement
  • Public speaking
  • Motivational Engagements

Organizational Development

Organizations have to grow and adapt to the ever-changing of our communities and support available, to maintain a high level of service.  Often times they find themselves where the services they offer are no longer what the existing community needs.  We can help.

We have assisted a number of organizations move towards greater congruency between mission and actual service delivery.

Adult and Adolescent Leadership Training

Youth & Family Training

Youth & Family Training

Many of the social problems that we face today or most effectively addressed through community-wide mobilization. These large scale efforts require leadership. INVOCA/dignidad training helps people develop the skills necessary to lead these movements.

Alcohol, Tobacco and other Drug Prevention

INVOCA/dignidad provides training and technical assistance to support prevention of alcohol and other drug abuse.  We do this by helping organizations, agencies and families apply resources that work including evidence-based practices in the field.

Parent Involvement

Research indicates that parent involvement is a critical factor on the academic success of children. It’s an important factor in the prevention of substance abuse, unwanted adolescent preganancies and a number of other current problems. At the same time, experience has shown us that engaging and sustaining parental involvement requires is resource intensive and requires very strategic planning. Let us share years of experience, knowledge and information with you.


Fatherhood has undergone dramatic changes over the past few decades. In the research literature, fathers are commonly associated with impulse control and problem solving among children.  However, many couples find themselves alone, confused and frustrated when it comes to finding mutually fulfilling and effective ways of relating to each other.  Let us share time tested and effective, relationship-based solutions to parenting needs.